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Thank you for visiting www.6minutegolfswingfix.com, your ideal source for top notch and matchless golf video courses.

A quick look around our website will unveil our wide range of in depth golf courses covering all sorts of golfers’ real problems.

We are committed to giving you the very best of our courses with a heart on practicable and up-to-date golf lessons.

Our Story

6 Minute Golf Swing Fix was founded by me, Troy Vayanos, a passionate golfer Troy Vayanos
who has a great zeal for help other golfers be their best.

This great zeal has impelled me to do intensive research and drove me to turn passion, experience and hard work into a booming online golf teaching training centre.

Why Choose Us?

Out of the several thousands of golf courses out there, 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix refused to remain an option in the field, but your very best choice for all your golf related problems or we;

  • Offer high-quality golf teaching videos
  • Offer In-depth golf teaching videos
  • Have reach years of experience of over two decades in the industry
  • Offer you optimum value for your money
  • And many more …

Wherever you are and whoever you may be, 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix offers you first rate golf training videos that go in-depth about golfers’ problems, why they struggle and how to fix that in the quickest possible time.

The game of golf is a very lovely game, but there is no best way to be a pro that to learn from a pro.

SAY NO TO THE GOOD AND YES TO THE BEST for we offer you the very best of golf training videos.

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