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The easiest way to promote the 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix program is to send an email to your list. I recommend you send an email broadcast (or three) out to your list and also put a few of the emails below into your auto-responder sequence, because over time you will get some nice passive, recurring income from doing this.

Email #1

Subject: How To Drop 5 To 10 Strokes From Your Scores, By End Of Today??

Hi (put their name here),

How would you like to discover 6 tiny, quick adjustments that can turn anyone
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Imagine how good it feels for you to bow past your golfing buddies by driving longer,
straighter and further than they’ve ever seen.

Well, with the 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix, now you can!

You can now learn how to improve your game literally overnight, by studying for just
1 minute a day.

That’s right!

All you need to do is just study the 6 dead simple one-minute drills that you can perform
everyday in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you will be learning from the 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix:

* The real reason why you hit the golf ball thin, or even miss it altogether

* How to get a takeaway just like your favourite touring professional

* The quickest way to fix your golf slice without changing your backswing

* The vital part of your golf swing that is destroying your ability to hit it longer and straighter

* The secret part of your downswing that, when done right, can supercharge
your power!

… and many more!

So if you want to learn how to fix your almost-invisible golfing mistakes in less than 2 hours,                                           then click this link to get INSTANT ACCESS TODAY:


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Email #2

Subject: 6 Dead Simple 1 Min Drills = Turn You Into Better Golfer, overnight!

Hey, good to see you again!

And since you are here, I am just wondering if you have seen this awesome 6 minute golf swing fix
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The 6 minutes golf swing fix is completely different from any other golf training program out
there, because it fixes the ROOT CAUSE of your problem.

Then it shows you 6 simple 1 minute fixes that can be practised everyday in the comfort
of your own home!

These 6 dead simple 1 minute drills, when performed everyday, CAN make
serious improvement in your golf game.

So go on, click this link to take advantage of this limited time offer and get your instant access TODAY:


Your Golfing Partner In Crime,[Your signature]

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If you invest today, you’ll get a free golfing video on how to become a great putter sink more putts!

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Email #3

Subject: “The Transformation In My Game Has Been Incredible!”

Hi (put their name here),

Welcome back!

The 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix has been producing REAL results for real customers!


Check out what this recent happy customer had to say:

“I’d just like to say a huge thank you, i’ve been following your tuition for 3 weeks now,
the transformation in my game has been incredible, the way you explain things is a

Keep up the great work!”

– Steve –

Not too long ago, Steve was just like you right now, looking for an answer to fix his golf swings. And he found it with the 6 minute golf swing fix! If he can do it, than so can you.      

So if you want to discover 6 tiny, quick adjustments that can turn you into a drastically better golfer … and drop 5 to 10 strokes from your scores by the end of today …

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Your Golfing Partner In Crime,

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P.S. The 6 minute golf swing fix comes with a full money-back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose!

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Personal Recommendations

If you’re a golfer you should get the 6 Minute Golf Swing Fix Program yourself!

Follow the 6 minute program. After you’ve done that you can confidently market the product that you’ve proven has worked in your own golf game. You will have a great testimonial, be hitting longer drives and have a great marketing resource to make money with.

One of the best converting marketing pieces is one that has a story and people can relate to. So use this product to show people how you’ve gained some serious distance on your drives and people will more likely buy on your personal recommendation than by some ad.


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